Cheeesse! These three smiley faces compile the MOTM team. Zahra, Yommy and Tayo, our three talented professionals who are behind the impactful events you have enjoyed. Through their own challenges of going to events and trying to meet new people, they created this platform to provide an environment for people to meet, connect and learn together in a fun and interactive way. MOTM believe this is essential for the power of collaboration.


What I do: Leading with an entrepreneurial spirit, when it comes to planing branding or generating ideas and converting that into revenue, I am your girl!

Experience: Project Management, Financial Services, Business Development, Sponsorship and Event Planing.

Passions: Traveling, Investing, RnB and Concerts



What I do: Bringing the pieces together for tech startups that want to solve market problems.

Experience: Product Management, Data Analysis and Financial Services.

Passions: Africa, Grime, Afrobeats and Exploring New Cultures.



What I do: An ideas man and a creative. I take ideas and concepts and turn them into MVPs. Telling stories and creating narratives through my designs is what I do best.

Experience: Product and Project management, Creative Design and Web Development.

Passions: Family, Food, Reggae Music and Travelling.